Early Morning Exercise

Addiction is a psychological illness that threatens all aspects of life, individual health, family and society. Nowadays, in addition to avoiding substance in addicts, the purposefulness of recovering addicts is important in addiction treatment methods.

 “investigators believe that drug abuse, dependence and its complications, are considered as a serious threat to health and also the quantity and quality of life is negatively affected by that. Hence the programs to prevent drug abuse must be adjusted to health promotion programs” He said.

“One of the consequences of long-term drug addiction, is the reduced muscle strength, reduced aerobic capacity, and high prevalence of skeletal malformations, confirmed the need for exercise and exercise programs to compensate these complications. Life quality is considered to be an essential indicator, and it is important to pay attention to the many aspects involved, such as the physiological aspects, the functioning and the existence of the individual.” Khodaei added.

This expert of corrective movements noted that physiological aspects include the function and the individual’s being, and it is important to pay attention to this, given the urgent motor poverty and special motoring habits of addicts over the long years of addiction, Exercise and exercise programs are essential to improve general health and quality of life for these people.

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