Family and Addict Assistant

Nowadays, drug addiction and drug abuse are a major social issue in the world. So a social assistant who is professional in addiction services will be at the forefront of the epidemic. Helping those facing drug abuse disorder will challenge all social assistant’s skills. Many of those who suffer from addiction show signs of mental illness, these people have a double diagnosis. They need special treatment to ensure they are able to achieve and maintain a higher quality of life.

Social assistants of Addiction, are professional in helping clients to solve addictive drug-related behaviors and other triggers that have resulted in unpleasant consequences. They also provide counseling to the addict’s family.

Treatment plans provide patient counseling at private and group meetings and customer evaluation. The tasks of a social assistant may be different, but the are as an important member of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, doctors, human resources staff and nurses who work together to provide tailor-made treatment programs for their clients.

The social assistant’s clinical ability and understanding of the disease as a social issue allows him to provide the appropriate treatment for the team. While most people consider drugs and alcohol as the most commonly used addictive substance, there are a wide range of drugs and behavioral addictions that are identified and treated by addictive social assistants. Some of the drugs and activities that can lead to addiction and compulsive behavior include:



Illegal drugs

Prescription Drugs



Sexual relationship

those who depend on substances such as drugs or alcohol often experience significant physical harm from their addiction, but those who have advanced behavioral addictions may not show clear symptoms, but the challenges associated with their treatment are not complicated.

social assistants help individuals overcome their addiction and return to healthy natural life by combining knowledge of mental and behavioral disorders, substance abuse and chemical dependence with their expertise in the fields of evaluation, treatment and treatment interventions.

Why do we need addicting social assistants?

Like many other mental health problems, addiction is not discriminatory. Although many people think of addiction, the images of low-income areas or so called slams come to their mind, but in fact this problem can affect anyone. Addiction affects not only the addicted person but also the person who is around him. Several types of problems seem to pose a danger to addicts. In order to resolve these problems and prevent future problems, addicts should usually ask for help from social assistants and other similar professionals. Only after proper treatment, most addicts begin to get better and get away with their devastating effects.

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