Cleaning and Bathing

In fact, the criterion of action in personal hygiene is the presentation and responsibility of a him/her who requires him to monitor his/her health and refrain from unhealthy habits. The basis for having healthy behaviors are cognition, awareness and attitude. Individual information and information on personal hygiene in adhering to the principles and standards of personal hygiene, can break down the chains causing diseases such as food deficiencies, parasitic diseases, gastrointestinal tract. it is not always possible for us to have a Long-term relationship with all people around us in our environment and show them their intrinsic virtues as they are. Therefore, the judgments of these people about us often come from our appearance. Thus, whether being wrong and correct, the appearance of everyone is effective in how people judge him/her, so it would be better to pay attention to the appearance.

A good appearance depends on standing upright, the correct walking, the cleanliness of the clothes and its fit. At the same time, skin and hair, teeth and other organs are also of great importance because without paying attention to them, they cause various diseases that, if not contagious, they will at least make people away from us.

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