Addiction is a complex situation and shows itself with compulsory abusing of different drugs although the addicted person is awareof destructive

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Recent studies show that about 24 million of USA population are abusing illegal drugs. 18 millions of people in USA abuse alcohol and alone in 2012, about 22114 people died of over-doze.

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Nowadays there are effective treatment available for addiction treatment. The first step a patient must take is to recognize the problem he/she has.

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Nowadays, drug addiction and drug abuse are a major social issue in the world. So a social assistant who is professional in addiction services will be at the forefront of the epidemic. Helping those facing drug abuse disorder will challenge all social assistant’s skills. Many of those who suffer from

Clinical Psychologist

In addition to treatments such as addiction detoxification and drug treatment, addiction psychology and psychological treatments provide great help in treating, preventing relapse, returning and rehabilitating the addicts. The implementation of psychotherapy can enhance the effects of drug therapy. Psychological interventions are an inevitable part of the treatment of drug

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Successful treatment of drug use is affected by several factors, such as the type of substance (cannabis, Xenical tablets, opium and etc.), the method of drug use (oral, smoking, injection), the history and duration of drug intake, the motivation of the person taking the medicine, the specific personality traits of

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